High quality, top performance and an unbeatable price are the best presentation letters for the Blautherm series. Its sleek and attractive design also allows you to adapt it to any environment, regardless of its decorative style.
Thermostatic bathroom fittings are, without a doubt, other elements that combine functionality, ergonomics, comfort and safety of use in one. After all, it has a temperature limiter that allows you to choose the exact temperature you would like in each moment, without experiencing variations, regardless of whether you open or close the tap, or the flow varies.
A slight pressure on the button at the same time as you turn the temperature regulator will suffice to increase it above the pre-set temperature (38ºC) whenever you wish.

Ramon Soler® created Blautherm Single Lever Shower Column, which it is irresistible for its slim aesthetics, its high performance and the level of quality.
The shower column set that everyone wants to have at home.