New Fly is synonymous of design. A carefully designed collection with a unique feature that lies in the sharp angles of inclination of its body and pipe, and in the organic lines of its handle, which give it a stylized and dynamic appearance.

It becomes a friendly collection, thanks to its handle, which has a slit in the upper end to move comfortably, facilitating the natural position of the hand when handling the handle.
New Fly is marked by incorporating essential elements of Ramon Soler® DNA, such as technology that promotes sustainable and responsible water consumption. It also includes a new system, the Sacrificial Anode, it acts against corrosion, making the chrome plating of the faucet keeping an unpolished shine. The brand reinforces the perfect preservation of chrome with its exclusive diamond finish system, which gives strength and shine thanks to a studied process and rigorous quality controls.

In addition, it is a collection that gives off quality and safety. The New Fly faucets collection are integrated into the architecture of the bathroom, becoming the true protagonists of the bathroom, for its personality and aesthetic load.

New Fly is presented as a kitchen faucet, sink, shower, bathtub and bidet. The collection manages to perfectly and completely equip any room according to your needs

In short, the new New Fly collection has a minimalist and dynamic design that, at the same time, prioritizes consumer welfare by improving its use.
And in addition to its great design, New Fly has been created thinking even of those who have the price in mind.