Ramon Soler guarantees its tapware during 5 years against structural or manufacturing defects.

Proof of purchase must be shown via an invoice or receipt.

In order for the warranty claim to be covered, in each case the defect must be revised and accepted by the quality and technical department which will determine whether the defect is covered or not.

The warranty includes the repair or replacement of the tap, with the following considerations:

- The installation and connection to the system has been undertaken as indicated in the instructions.
- The use, maintenance and cleaning has been undertaken in conformity with the supplied instructions.
- The spare parts are quality original parts.

The warranty does not cover installation costs or other third party direct or indirect costs.

If the product which has a warranty problem has been discontinued in our product line it will be substituted by one of similar characteristics.

The eventual repair or substitution of the components does not prolong the guarantee.

Special finishes (polished brass, old brass, gold with varnish, matt chrome and other special finishes) have a 2 year warranty with regard to finishes and a 5 year warranty in regard to components.

Thermostatic valves, electronic taps and timed taps have a 2 year warranty.

Accessories (hoses, shower handles, heads, supports, shower columns) have a 2 year guarantee.

Consumer materials (batteries, filters, aerators, seals) are not covered by this guarantee, except if they have manufacturing defects.

All types of guarantees are rendered invalid by incorrect installation, misuse, wear and tear and incorrect maintenance.

Certifies that the product fullfill the Spanish and the European standards
SOLESTOP - AENOR Certificate
AENOR certificate corresponding to the UNE-EN 816 standard, for timed taps.


The NF certifies that an industrial or consumer product meets the quality characteristics defined by the French and European standards.

The maximum volume of water if the product has been installed correctly and according to the manufacturer´s instructions

French certification which regulates the materials in contact with water.

Belgian Federation for the Water Sector

National water agency in Singapur

The DVGW Certification Body enables product manufacturers, specialist companies, utility companies and experts to furnish proof positive of compliance with state-of-the-art requirements.