The Âtica Collection by Ramon Soler®
Ramon Soler® brings to light a new product line which has an instant appeal thanks to its elegant and up to date looks. Âtica is an exclusive collection in which one can find elements in which any keen design buff can relate to which includes basin, bide, bath and shower mixers and various kitchen models.

BLAUTHERM by Ramon Soler®: A thermostatic valve with a waterfall
Blautherm 9339 S is a high level tapware, technically advanced and highly detailed. The  Ramon Soler®,thermostatic cartridge is made in house, with high fidelity, strength and has been developer with safety and  user comfort in mind.

Drako, by Ramon Soler®: Quality and Design for All
The new Drako series is aimed at users who are young at heart, enjoy good design and appreciate the Ramon Soler® quality guarantee, all at surprising low prices. Care is taken down to the smallest detail in the Drako line, ensuring maximum strength and resistance.

DUALSHOWER, a waterfall and rainfall of wellness by Ramon Soler®
The new Dualshower by Ramon Soler® has a modern look and creates a harmonious ambience, concerting the daily shower in the best moment of the day. This new shower by Ramon Soler® offers its users wellness by having two types of water exits; waterfall and rain.

Get a Great TERMOKUATRO shower this summer by Ramon Soler®
In order to reach perfection in a shower of these characteristics, Ramon Soler® presents the TERMOKUATRO set in which the minimalist style and square shapes are a great success. The great telescopic shower set with a KUATRO 200mm showerhead and hand held shower form a sleek set in which the showerhead emits a spray which covers our whole body.

Two new extensible kitchen taps by Ramon Soler®
Ramon Soler® is always conscious of market needs and necessity for constant evolution. That is why the extensible 3379 V1 Drako and the 9379 V1 RS-Q models share technical specifications but differ slightly in aesthetics.

KUATRO CASCADE Ramon Soler®’s eco-efficient waterfall
Today our bathroom is not only an area which we can use for personal hygiene, it has been converted into the heart of the home, a refuge for peace and calm where we can find a moment of intimacy.

Without a doubt, the waterfall tap is the showpiece of these bathrooms because it reminds us of the natural course of water and the connection between man and nature.

Ramon Soler® launches Kuatro, a counterpoint to the right-angled beauty of the Kuatro series.

The Kuatro series marked a high point in the use of simple, rounded forms. Now, destined to reach similar heights, Kuatro is born, a model that makes unique use of the right angle with the same natural, beautiful effect.

DualShower RLC 2 by Ramon Soler®: Wellness in a rain and waterfall shower
Showerheads often give us sensations of pleasure in our daily shower. The new DualShower RLC2 showerhead offers a great amount of wellness to its users due to the two types of effects it offers: rain and waterfall. These types of showerheads are focused to give the user relaxation and comfort.