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Thermostatic bath-shower with integrated diverter in flow rate handle with shower set 5849 AS (3 jets)
Finished: CHROME

Ref.: 3339AS
SAP.: 241458

Product Features

  • Ø40mm and Ø35mm (for medium washbasin taps) ceramic mixer taps cartridges.
  • Ceramic mixer tap cartridge with Termostop Block System limiting the maximum temperature of hot water and a water saving system (S2-C2) by a two-phase opening lever.
  • Thermostatic cartridge with Hot Block anti-burn system and Termostop temperature blocking system (to 38°C).
  • Flow rate at 3 bars: Washbasin, bidet and sink (from 9 to 12 l/min.); Shower (from 12 to 16 l/min.); and Bath (≥20 l/min.)
  • Comfortable performance as regards reliability, sensitivity and steadiness in the temperature selection.
  • Acoustic level at 3 bars: < 20 dB.
  • Chrome-plated brass: 15 microns thick of nickel, 0.3 microns of chrome.
  • Working pressure between 1-5 bars, recommended: 3 bars. It resists static pressures ≤ 10 bars and water hammers of 25 bars.
  • Recommended temperature for the hot water: 55°C. Maximum working temperature: 65°C. Maximum: 1h at 90°C.
  • Resistant to thermal and anti-Legionella chemical shocks.
  • ACS health compliance certificate


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