Ramon Soler assumes its responsibility with the environment with the production of eco-efficient products which permit the optimization of natural resources. We take into account the energy used in all of the production processes, with the full optimization of production runs. Climate change and sustainable production practices are part of our company philosophy, in which we strive to achieve our complete product cycle conforming to updated legislation.
Ramon Soler not only focuses itself on the environment but on modern society and its needs, at all levels be they regional, national or international. The objective is to exploit the great potential the company within these areas, and this is paramount through the cooperation forged with different groups and foundations.

FEDER (The Spanish Federation of Rare Diesaes) is an association which strives to defend, protect and help more than 3 million people with Rare Diseases in Spain. It links the whole community of families, providing support for a better quality of life for those in need of special attention.

THE VICENTE FERRER FOUNDATION (FVF) is a Non-Government organization whose mission is to help the poorest of India, in the state of Andhra Pradesh and some of the most needy communities which are excluded from the Indian cast system: dalits, Taliban groups and untouchables. Created in 1996, it is a humanist organization with a direct help philosophy and a mission to eradicate social inequality.

BITS SIN FRONTERAS a civil and cultural non profit organization, created in 1998 by the Spanish-Camerunese Delegation of the Daughters of the “Sagrada Familia of Nazareth” missionaries. This association helps third world projects (especially in Africa) forge ahead with basic necessities such as education and health being covered.

BOSCANA is an education and learning foundation which caters for people with intellectual handicaps, and whose objective is to provide a better quality of life for its members. It was created in 1961, and was registered as the School for Special Education, offering occupational Therapy and Accommodation. 

THE CASA DELS XUKLIS is a refuge, founded un 2011, whose major objectives are to improve the quality of life for children with cancer by creating a support group for their families. The foundation offers psychological, accommodation, therapeutical and leisure activities.