We contribute to social improvement

Corporate Social Responsibility is part of our reason for being and evolution towards the future. We feel part of society and responsible for caring for the environment, that's why we pay attention to its protagonists; people, companies, groups and causes.

Corporate social responsibility is essential for transparency and trust in the management of the company, both among employees and with customers and suppliers. The essential axis is our commitment to good practices, respect and a proactive attitude towards the well-being of all groups involved in our activity: employees, suppliers, installers, customers, users, it is the hallmark of the Soler family since 1890.


We collaborate with various associations and foundations dedicated to supporting people in situations of vulnerability and social exclusion. We make donations, collaborations, campaigns and initiatives to help different causes promoted by foundations, federations, consortiums and institutions.

It works to defend, protect and promote the rights of people with Rare Diseases in Spain, making their needs visible and proposing solutions to improve their quality of life.

It is a humanist organization whose mission is to eradicate inequalities, promoting cooperation.

Non-profit civil association of cultural and social interest. Its mission is to bring to the third world (especially Africa), the same quality of education and teaching that is taught in schools in Europe.

Education and training center for people with mental disabilities, whose objective is to improve the quality of life of its users.

Shelter whose services seek to improve the quality of life of children with cancer and their families.

Company in the human resources sector whose social work stands out for echoing the needs of groups and causes to make them visible and create awareness. Creators and collaborators of numerous campaigns and initiatives.

On the occasion of the fight against COVID-19 and support for the health sector during the pandemic, we donated contactless electronic taps.

With a heritage of six centuries of history and belonging to the Fundació de Gestió Sanitaria Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, it is a benchmark in the provision of medical-health services in Catalonia.

Non-profit entity with the mission of caring for people affected by cerebral palsy with an innovative interdisciplinary care model in the treatment and rehabilitation of the person.

Entity which manages primary and intermediate care services in the city of Barcelona. Reference in the field of teaching and research linked to the care activity of the health centers that are part of it.

With a vocation to serve the community, it works to offer services that prevent the onset of diseases by promoting health and a healthy lifestyle.

Non-profit and private entity that works with and for people who suffer from some type of associated dependency; elderly people, mental disability and illness.

Public entity that integrates the health resources of the counties of Alt Penedès and Garraf. They include the rehabilitation center, the Alt Penedès regional hospital, the Sant Camil residential hospital and the San Antonio Abad hospital.

Public foundation managed by the Solsonès County Council in Catalonia. The modernization of its facilities has made it possible to considerably improve the health service for users in the region.

Xarxa Sanitària i Social de Santa Tecla, a reference hospital that offers its care services in the building located on Rambla Vella in Tarragona and the Levante Complex.

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